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Business Managers and School District Personnel, the answer is here!

SOS Personnel is the best cost effective solution to your substitute teacher needs. Our staff has the expertise and experience to process substitute teachers, handle and fill requests for substitutes, and communicate the necessary information to the administrative staff in your school buildings. 

Here at SOS Personnel, we are committed to EXCELLENCE in the field of Educational Support! 

We recruit, screen, hire and dispatch the personnel, you need, so that you are free to TEACH our nation's most precious resource.

Our temp-to-perm position is a wonderful solution to your staffing needs.  You can "preview" a candidate with our temporary-to-hire service. We'll find a substitute for your position , at the end of a specified period, you can hire the candidate or request another.  Many of our clients have experienced the value of working with temporary-to-hire employees. This unique strategy can take the guesswork out of any staffing situation by providing both you and your prospective employee an opportunity to evaluate each other before making a long-term commitment.

The Temporary-to-Hire program is ideal for hiring situations that involve:
Hard-to-fill positions
High turnover positions
Projects requiring a large number of new
Positions that must be filled quickly

SOS's Temporary-to-Hire program offers a business-savvy solution to such hiring challenges by allowing the client to hire the candidate as a temporary employee for a specified period of time - as long as it takes to determine whether the candidate has the skills and talents needed for success in the position, and whether the position offers the candidate the career satisfaction necessary to ensure longevity and professional fulfillment.

Temporary-to-Hire Solutions
Other Services We Offer:
* Social Services
* Secretaries
* Special Education
* Crisis Management
* Psychiatric Evaluations
* After School Care
* Therapeutic support staff
* Cafeteria Staff
* School Nurses
* Janitors
* Certified Teachers
* Teachers Aides
* Long term Subs
* Daily subs
* Paras

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