Day School - Testimonials

Hear what parents are saying about our tutors…

“My son actually looks forward to going to school. It’s amazing. The individual attention is making all the difference. His improvement in reading has been nothing short of miraculous.”
John Williams 
Eric’s (age 8) Dad 

“The twins just love Miss Smith. Her gentle, nurturing approach to classroom projects is just perfect for us. My girls just can’t stop talking about her. Thanks for such a great experience.”
Karen Jones
Molly & Dori’s (age 12) Mom  

“My daughter was completely ready for a top college-prep high school. You should see how confident she is –– she KNOWS she can do well no matter who the competition is.”
Jane Adams
Marla’s (age 14) Mom

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What are Teachers are saying about our substitutes...

Very rarely do you have a sub that comes in and handles business like a professional.  Clearly, Ms. Stewart is a professional.  She makes your company look very good.  Thanks for sending her to my classroom.  It made me at ease when I walked in to my classroom today with it clean and organized.  The work provided for the students was organized as well and she wrote notes about the day.  My gratitude to you and Ms. Stewart.

Vernon S. Davis
7th Grade History & SEL Teacher
Mastery Charter School